Jane Burfitt, Brianna Schoemaker, Bethany Heidenreich




introducing our first edS!

Jane Burfitt - She is a designer with a love of TV & movies hence pushing her in the direction of set design. Jane is an out of the box thinker that loves a good challenge.

Brianna Schoemaker - An interior design graduate with a knack for set and production design. Brianna is inspired to push the limits of design by creating fantastic environments.

Bethany Heidenreich - A country girl at heart but she has always longed to be apart of the entertainment industry. With a bachelor of architectural design under her belt she is fascinated in creating her own worlds within a set or building.



the art of translating a brief

The Iceworks team developed a challenging project brief for the Emerging Designers. A combination of problems to be solved. From variable scenarios for their design to be deployed through to a focus on sustainability.

The EDs had to approach each problem individually, research and collate their thoughts to then commence developing their concepts. The key to success during this phase is communication. The ability for the team to collaborate, support and refine the outcomes is pivotal to delivering well considered concepts.



3 become 1

“We went through the process of breaking our weeks down into manageable and realistic outcomes. Doing this we were able to negotiate deadlines and meeting times for the duration of the project. Our deadlines were relatively loose in the first few weeks as we were extensively researching designs and materials. As soon as week 2 came around we started putting in more hours over the course of the weeks. We delivered three designs to the Iceworks team and they left us with the challenge of putting these three designs together. This gave us another task on top of creating this multi piece set design with a focus on sustainability. This project challenged us but without our individual background knowledge, we couldn’t have had such an amazing outcome. We believe that with a little more work this type of project could introduce a new era of production design.”



everything begins to align

As the Eds continued developing the concepts a wonderful thing started to happen.


From 3 complete strangers with very different backgrounds we started to see their ideas begin to meld and a stunning design take shape. This was not something we expected but when given the right support and direction coupled with some design freedom these three emerging designers excelled! The draft design delivered solutions to our initial brief and offered many more opportunities. Now for the fun part!




For this phase the team worked with our construction manager Bob Bell. Refining the design for pricing and build. Material choices, labour realities, technology integration and much more came into focus. With an initial budget to align with the EDs had to work through the practicalities of their design to realise it. This step can be a very difficult time for any designer trying to balance the concept with deliverable. The EDs continued to show they were open to listen and learn. Spending time with “the BOB” to define the hows and whys of the construction phase.




Iceworks arranged a skype meeting with the incredible Tracy Grant Lord. Opening up conversation between the Emerging and the Experienced, it was an opportunity for The EDs to gain insight and ask questions from an industry legend whom we all love working with!

The girls discussed with Tracy about how she manages her work life balance being a designer & ways to progress their careers within the industry.

With a pep talk from a legend the girls were stunned/pumped to present their design.



selling the dream

Research done, solutions found, ideas refined. Now to sell the design! The EDs built a thorough presentation with supporting plans, renders, pricing and project overview. They presented as a team, each talking to their area of expertise whilst supporting each other to a very excited and attentive Iceworks crew. They drilled down to detail and presented well beyond the brief. They explored every opportunity the brief provided and delivered an expansive offering well beyond our expectations. They engaged our team throughout and looked like a well rehearsed, professional pitch team! So much so that we decided to bring their design to life over the coming months. Some exciting times ahead for this amazing team of Emerging Designers!